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TRAVEL MEDICINE : counselling and vaccinations
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We can provide guidelines and tips on keeping yourself safe while traveling during the COVID-19 infection pandemic 

Travel in certain areas of the country or internationally for exotic vacations or for bussiness 
puts you at risk of innumerable infections. Constantly changing international health risks 
makes it difficult for frequent travellers to stay informed about different illnesses 
in various geographical regions. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you 
consult a Travel Medicine Physician about four weeks before your travel

We provide .................

1. Education regarding various infections you can be exposed to in the particular geographic area of visit. 

2. Counselling with personal precautionary measures to take during the travel to avoid infections. 

3. Necessary immunizations including ones mandated before travel. We are an
 authorized center for administering Yellow fever vaccinations and will issue 
International Certificate of Vaccination 

4. Prescriptions for necessary prophylactic medications for e.g. malaria prophylaxis and medications for motion sickness or altitude sickness​

5. Post travel illness evaluation: If you develop symptoms of disease after your travel,we will help diagnose the infection with our vast experience in tropical medicine and travel related health issues and determine the best available treatement.

6. Availability to speak with our physician while abroad for any questions that may arise.