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Adoption is an immensely important and complex 
decision, and adopting families have an 
infinite number of questions. 
.US immigration law requires that internationally adopted children begin immunizations within 30 days of arrival in the US. 
•The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a comprehensive health assessment within the first 2 weeks of arrival to the US

We can assist in the journey by:

1. Before the acceptance of the adoption: Interpreting medical data from 
foreign countries, and evaluating the child's medical records before the 
arrival of the child to our country. This may include photographs, videos, 
growth parameters, developmental milestones

2. Before travel by the adoptee family to the foreign country to bring the child home: Pretravel counselling and vaccinations to the family members tailored to their destination 

3. After the child arrives home: Providing full comprehensive evaluation of the baby
 for infectious illnesses acquired at birth or ones contracted after birth from 
the country of origin, after he/she arrives at your home. We may also make
 recommendations regarding other consulting services needed depending on the 
child's examination and laboratory results

4. Immunizing the child for catch up according to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended immunization schedule